Snow Hiking to Peca

Between the border of Slovenia and Austria there is Peca, a stretched out mountain where the legendary King Matjaž is supposed to live.
On my first day back in Slovenia, my cousin and I decided to hike up to this 2125 m high mountain. As it was the middle of February, the mountain was still covered in snow. Therefore we had to spice up our hiking gear with using crampons on our hiking boots.

On our way to the top of the beautiful Peca mountain.

Peca is the highest peak in the eastern Karawank range. A 30-minute drive from Mežica takes you to the base of the hiking trail. There is also a small parking area where it’s completey safe to park your vehicle.

Welcomed by the snow

Snow welcomed us already in the beginning of our hiking adventure.
First time using crampons on my hiking boots.

Just when we started with our little hiking adventure we’ve already encountered a fair amount of snow. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop us from continuing and in a bit more than 3 hours we’ve reached the Peca hut. Unfortunately, the hut was closed but luckily we brought enough snacks with us. We sat down on one of the benches, fueled our bodies with extra energy and soaked up the sun.

The view along the way.
Peca hut at 1665 meters.

From the hut we needed 1,5 hours more to reach the top. I have to admit this part was quite challenging as it was very steep and covered in a lot of snow. Nonetheless, once we reached the top the views were well worth the struggle.

Beautiful views on the top

We were super lucky to catch beautiful views and a sunset on the top which was simply magical. The top also offered spectacular views of the Karawank range. Plus, we were completely alone there!

We’ve reached the top of Peca on 2125 meters.

Descending in the dark

As the views were so amazing we probably spent a bit too much time on the top. Once we started with the descend it became dark very fast. It was a bit scary returning in the snow during the night, but luckily we’ve made it back safe and sound.

It was an adventurous first day back in Slovenia for sure!

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