Slovenian Road trip: Your Perfect 4-day Itinerary

Thinking about visiting Slovenia but you are very time constrained? Or simply looking for an easy itinerary to see the Slovenian highlights? In my opinion, this 4-day itinerary makes up for the perfect short Slovenian road trip.

At the beginning of March, my boyfriend and two of my good friends decided to visit me in Slovenia. My boyfriend has been in Slovenia multiple times but my friends have never been. So the good friend that I am, I quickly transformed into a tourist guide and showed them some of our most beautiful gems.

Lake Bled and its castle.

But first some basic info about Slovenia:

  • Slovenia is a small country located in Central Europe, bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. The capital city is Ljubljana and its language is Slovenian.
  • The population of Slovenia is only 2 million people.
  • It’s a fairly young country – it got its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.
  • It has been part of the European Union since 2004 and uses the Euro as its currency.
  • Even though Slovenia is a small country it is extremely diverse. Within short distances, one can find hills, mountains, cities, valleys, vineyards, and even a (very short) coastline.

Day 1: Piran

I picked my friends up at Ljubljana airport and we drove to Piran, our little coastal gem. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive there. We arrived in the late afternoon and went to explore the city center. We grabbed a delicious dinner at Fritolin pri Cantini, where you can try amazing seafood, Mediterranean cuisine, and Slovenian specialties.

The next day we decided to wake up early to explore the city a bit more. We started by getting some burek (a phyllo pastry filled with meat or cheese) from a local bakery near Tartini square. We sat down for a coffee on the seashore and enjoyed the sun as we watched people pass by. We checked out the St. George’s Parish Church and were amazed by the views of the city.

Tartini square in Piran.
Walking by the shore.
Views from the St. George’s Parish Church.

Local tip: if you want to snap that famous Piran photo where you can see the whole little peninsula, then head out to the Walls of Piran. A small entrance fee is required, but I promise you, the views will be worth those few coins.

Picturesque views from the Walls of Piran.

Day 2: Bled

From Piran we drove straight to Bled, which took us less than two hours. You might have heard of Bled before because of its famous lake.

View on the Bled castle from the lake.

We decided to rent a little boat and row all the way to the lake’s island. The island even has a small romantic church on it where you can ring the bells of the church. The legend has it that whoever rings the bell three times, his or her wish would come true.

Hidden corners of the Bled island.

In the evening we grabbed dinner at the restaurant Grajska Preža, a recommendation we got from our host. And what a great recommendation that was! If you’re heading to Bled I strongly recommend this restaurant as it offers amazing traditional Slovenian dishes for a fair price. And the portions were huge too!

Day 3:

The next day was our most intense day so far. We woke up very early and hiked up to Ojstrica viewpoint. This once secret viewpoint offers the most amazing views over the Bled lake. This hike only takes around 20 min and you can read all about how to get to this viewpoint in my previous post.

Lake Bled early in the morning.
Ojstrica viewpoint – you can read how to get to the viewpoint here.

After our little hike, we drove to Vintgar Gorge – a stunning gorge with aqua blue water only half an hour drive from Bled. This Gorge is, in my opinion, one of the most magical places in Slovenia and it’s super photogenic!

Beautiful Vintgar Gorge

After that, we drove to Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora, which is probably my favorite lake in Slovenia. It offers amazing views with mountains in the background and it’s (again) simply picture perfect.

Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora.

As we still didn’t have enough for the day we decided to drive to Zelenci Springs, a nature reserve near the town of Kranjska Gora.

Zelenci springs

Day 4:

On our last day, we drove to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. There we firstly visited Ljubljana castle and walked around its castle walls, from where you get a beautiful view over the whole Ljubljana.

The entrance of Ljubljana castle.
Panoramic views from the castle walls.

Heading down from the castle you walk straight into the city center. We walked around Petkovšek, a street full of cafes and bars near Ljubljanica river. Depending on from which you walk past the river you’ll start or end up at Prešeren square, the main square in the city named after the greatest Slovenian poet – France Prešeren.

Dragon Bridge in the center of Ljubljana.
The view on Ljubljana Castle from the city center.
Ljubljanica river
Congress Square

Later on, we walked around the old town and checked out some of the cute shops and cafes there. We visited Ljubljana on a Sunday when a lot of shops are closed so we decided to spend a day… eating! We first tried some typical Slovenian snacks at Slovenska Hiša and went for a drink to TOZD, one of my favorite cafes in Ljubljana. We also grabbed some delicious pancakes from Romeo – I swear these are the best (and most filling) pancakes you’ll ever find.

Typical Slovenian snacks at the Slovenian House.

As the weather was not the best (and a lot of places were closed) we went to visit the Museum of Illusions, and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in Ljubljana. It’s probably the most interactive museum I have ever been too. And it’s fun for kids as well as for adults.

The Museum of Illusions

Moreover, if you want to go somewhere more alternative in Ljubljana, I strongly recommend visiting Metelkova. It’s an autonomous social and cultural center where the military headquarters used to be.

Even though the majority of the people come to Slovenia because of its natural beauties, I strongly recommend stopping in Ljubljana for at least a day. It’s a small city but a super lovely one with lots of things to do. There are no cars allowed in the city center which gives the city a very cozy vibe as well.

Here you go, this was our 4-day road trip itinerary, I sincerely hope it helps you with some suggestions if you’re planning a trip to my home country.

If you have more time to spare

However, if you do have more time to spare, here are some additional places I would recommend checking out in Slovenia:

  • Bovec and Soča Valley – this is probably my absolute favorite place in Slovenia as its insanely beautiful. Surrounded by the Julian Alps, you can do all the crazy awesome adrenaline activities there. For example white water rafting, canyoning, kayaking, zip lining and many more. And I promise you, river Soča will be one of the most beautiful rivers you have ever seen!
  • Hike to Triglav – if you are a hiking enthusiast, hike up to Triglav, our highest mountain (2864m). It is also our national symbol.
  • Maribor – the second city of Slovenia and my beloved hometown. Home to the oldest vine in the world and the biggest festival of Slovenia (Festival Lent). If you’re visiting Maribor during winter it’s a great ski destination as well as it’s located next to Pohorje, the biggest ski area in Slovenia.
  • Logar Valley – a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains with a lot of hiking possibilities.

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