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Back in September I travelled to Slovenia to spend some time at home. Since the weather was simply amazing we decided to pack our bags, drive down south and sail around the beautiful coast of our neighbouring Croatia for a few days. Sipping beer while watching the beautiful blue water and falling asleep on the deck of the boat simply sounded too good to be missed out on. :)

We made a plan to sail around some of the most beautiful islands of Dalmatia, in my opinion, Croatia’s most beautiful region.

We started at Marina close to Trogir and after a couple of hours on the water we arrived to the blue lagoon (Krknjasi Bay) – a little lagoon formed around small islands with water so clear and blue you won’t believe your eyes! My boyfriend and I felt like little kids once we jumped off the boat and snorkelled around trying to find starfish. And the water was sooooo warm!

Marina, the place where our boat was parked. I fell in love with all the cute blue fishermen boats!

Stunning blue lagoon on Drvenik Veli with crystal clear blue water.

After all the fun we started the boat again and sailed to an island Šolta where we parked the boat for the night in a little town called Maslinica. We got there just in time for the beautiful sunset and (yet another) perfect moment to jump in the clear warm water a couple more times.

Šolta, a little fishermen village with extremely friendly people and great local restaurants.

Beautiful sunset in Maslinica.

The day after was my favourite day of our little trip. In the morning we visited the blue cavea water-logged sea cave located in a small bay. Definitely a must see if you’re visiting Dalmatia! Nowadays the only way to see the cave and its glowing blue light is with an organized boat trip. As the cave belongs to a protected area it’s also not allowed to swim in it. However, it was super cool hearing my dad telling us that when he was young (and Croatia was not such a popular tourist destination yet) they were allowed to swim and snorkel inside the cave. How cool would it be if we could still do that today?

Jumping off the boat trying to get the perfect shot.

Modra špilja (blue cave) on Biševo – what an amazing place to see!

After some more snorkelling around the caves we sailed to island Vis. You might recognize the island if you’ve seen Mamma Mia 2 (if you haven’t you better put it on your list!). Even though the island became famous among tourists, because of the movie, it’s still way less touristy than other islands. This makes it a perfect destination if you want to spend a couple of days lying on the beach and wandering around the cute narrow streets. And when I say days I mean weeks. Or months. :)

Beautiful and extremely picturesque Vis.

Local shops on every corner. I would recommend buying homemade olive oil or local liquors (but be careful, they might be very strong). :)

The next morning it was time to explore the last place of our little sailing trip. From Vis we sailed to Paklinski islands. They’re absolutely stunning and the beaches are (again) so beautiful it’s almost unreal! If you decide to visit, my friendly advice would be to bring a few extra bucks as a trip there will cost you a pretty penny. :)

My favourite view. I’d never get bored of it!

Peaceful Paklinski islands.

And last but not least, on our way home we stopped at Krka National Park to see its famous waterfalls. Although quite touristy, still a nice place to visit when you’re in the region.

Amazing Krka National Park.

You can swim along the majestic falls.

Overall, it was my first time sailing but I’ll definitely try it again as soon as I’ll get a chance. I might even learn how to sail myself one day!

Have you been to Croatia? If you have, what place did you like the most? Please let me know in the comments so I can start planning my next trip there. :)

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