Hiking in Kamnik-Savinja Alps | Slovenia

One of the things I definitely wanted to do when visiting Slovenia back in September was hiking.
Since I live in one of the flattest countries in the world, the Netherlands, I started missing Slovenian nature and the mountains more and more. Therefore, I try to go hiking every time I go home so I can soak up all the greenery possible for the upcoming months in the lowlands. :)

Even though our initial plan was hiking to Triglav, our highest mountain, we looked at the weather forecast and decided to hike to Kamnik Saddle in Kamnik Savinja Alps instead. This mountain has a maximum altitude of 1903 meters.

We started the hike in the stunning Logar Valley in Solčava region, which is in the northern part of Slovenia. This beautiful Alpine glacial valley takes my breath away every single time I get to see it. I always feel like I’m looking at one giant live version of a postcard. :)

Once we started the hike it took us around 10 minutes to reach Rinka falls – one of the most famous waterfalls in Slovenia. With a drop of 105 meters it is one of the tallest free falling waterfalls in Slovenia. The longest step has a length of 90m!

Stunning views greeted us already in the beginning of our hike
One of the natural sources of Savinja river of which water is drinkable! :)

From there we continued to Okrešelj lodge – a mountain lodge on 1378 meters which is surrounded by 4 different mountain peaks. The hike up there was quite steep and it took us about 45 minutes to reach, but the views we saw along the way were already worth the sweat.

Once we reached Okrešelj lodge we had a little snack break and tried to take in all the stunning views that surrounded us.

My Dutchman impressed by the natural beauties of my home country
The picturesque view from Okrešelj Lodge
Vintage Elan skies – a beloved Slovenian ski brand

We continued with our hike and even though the hiking paths in Slovenia are very well marked we somehow missed one mark and did a little detour. And by little, I mean a detour which took around an hour of our time. Whoops!

Nonetheless, after around two more hours of hiking we reached Kamnik Saddle Lodge, had a well-deserved drink and filled our tummies with homemade ričet, a barley and bean stew with smoked ham. It’s one of my favourite traditional Slovenian dishes! We were a bit unlucky with the weather so we quickly had to return. Well, we still found some time to take photos with my country’s flag of course. :)

Ričet – barley and bean stew with smoked ham
Well deserved šnops (schnapps) after returning to the valley

It’s so funny that I started appreciating our beautiful nature and mountains only once I moved away from Slovenia. But I think that’s life, you crave and you miss things you simply can’t or don’t have at that moment. Do you feel the same?

Have you been hiking in Slovenia? What are your favourite hiking spots?

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