Gorgeous Velika Planina In Winter

One of the places I haven’t visited in my home country until recently was Velika Planina. This picturesque mountain plateau in the heart of the Kamnik Alps calls for a perfect day trip in Slovenia.

My boyfriend came to visit me at the beginning of March and the first thing we did was going for a small hike at Velika Planina. He landed at Ljubljana airport, which is only an hour drive away from Kamnik. From there we caught a cable car all the way up to the plateau.

We were running a bit late so we ended up having only around two hours to spend on the plateau. We quickly made our way up to the top so we could spend as much time as possible admiring the beautiful wooden huts.

Even though we’ve visited Velika Planina in March there was still so much snow on the top! At times it was quite challenging to hike up the icy parts. Because we weren’t expecting snow we also didn’t bring the proper gear with us. :)

Nonetheless, it was definitely magical visiting Velika Planina in so much snow! We were also quite lucky to be almost the only visitors on the plateau then.

I definitely want to visit Velika Planina again during the summer months as I think it would be really gorgeous to see it with all the greenery around. And perhaps even with some cows grazing in the fields!

Have you been to Velika Planina during the warmer months? What did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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