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Sipping from a fresh coconut while laying on a beautiful beach in Brazil. Visiting one of the biggest water parks of Latin America and having your photos taken by a professional photographer. Buggy riding, zip lining, visiting a coffee plantation and eating the most delicious seafood imaginable. All of these while meeting a bunch of other awesome content creators. My first press trip to Ceará in Brazil sounds like a dream come true for a newly started travel blogger, right?

Sipping from a fresh coconut in the middle of February in Brazil – 2019 started off amazing!

Believe me, I was beyond surprised when The Secretary of Tourism of The State of Ceará in Brazil invited me to their 6-day blogger fam press trip in February. Their intention was to showcase Ceará’s main attractions and tourism infrastructure to different content creators. They arranged and organized everything – from flights, hotel stays and transport to meals, activities, tour guides and even a personal photographer.

Beyond excited I was invited to discover Ceará for 6 days with other awesome content creators.

From rainy Holland to sunny Ceará

As there are new flight connections from several European cities to Fortaleza, I was able to take a flight from Amsterdam directly to Ceará’s capital.
I remember hearing the beautiful Brazilian Portuguese (my favorite language) while waiting to board the plane – I still couldn’t believe I was going to a new continent on my first press trip ever!

Once we landed, the lovely staff who was responsible for the organization was already waiting for us at the arrivals. They took us to Beira Mar in Fortaleza where we checked into the beautiful hotel Oásis Atlântico. As there were no activities planned for the evening I decided to go to bed quite early as I knew the next few days were going to be very busy. :)

The first activity of the Ceará Press trip – visiting Beach Park.
Photo: Leonardo Albuquerque

Trying out the waterslides in Beach Park and dancing the night away in Canoa Quebrada

After a delicious breakfast, where I finally tried Pão de queijo (cheese bread) and a Tapioca (Brazilian flour pancakes), we checked out of our hotel and hit the road with a bus. A couple of hours later we arrived at Beach Park, a water park situated in Porto das Dunas in Aquiraz. There, we spent almost the whole afternoon and felt like kids again while running around all the waterslides.
This water park is the largest water park in Latin America and it even has the second tallest slide in the world – named Insano.
What do you think – did I have the courage to try it out?

Spending the day at Beach Park, the largest waterpark in Latin America.
Beach Park is home to the second largest waterslide in the world – Insano. We overcame our fear of heights and tried the waterslide twice! It was indeedinsano!

After all the fun we drove to Canoa Quebrada, a small and cute fishing village known as the pearl of the east coast of Ceará. We checked into the stunning Long Beach Hotel, freshened up a bit and checked out the Broadway area. There, we had a traditional Brazilian dinner at Patio Grill. After which it was time to taste a few local caipirinhas in one of the many bars on Broadway. :)

View from my patio at the lovely Long Beach Hotel in Canoa Quebrada. Everyone had its own little apartment with a hammock in the front and a view over the pool.
Chilling in the hammock at the lovely Long Beach Hotel in Canoa Quebrada.
Traditional Brazilian dinner at the Patio Grill on Broadway in Canoa Quebrada.
Photo: Leonardo Albuquerque
Dancing the night away in one of the many bars on Broadway in Canoa Quebrada.
Photo: Leonardo Albuquerque

Buggy riding and zip lining on the beach

The third day was without a doubt the most awesome day of the whole trip. In the morning the buggy drivers were already waiting for us in front of our hotel. They were ready to take us on a bumpy ride along the beach and its cliffs all the way to the zip lining area. Being quite the adrenaline freak I was beyond excited to try all these activities.

First time buggy riding on a beach in Canoa Quebrada.
All of us were super excited to try the crazy buggy riding on the beach. Our driver was absolutely awesome and we were the fastest of all the buggies! :)
Photo: Leonardo Albuquerque
The buggies took us to the adventures center where we could try zip lining.

In the evening we drove back to Fortaleza to Colosso, an idyllic and sophisticated lake lounge. Even though the place was very upscale, I simply couldn’t help myself when I saw a lonely stand-up paddle board in the middle of a pond. I simply had to jump on it, woops!

Stand-up paddling at Colosso in Fortaleza.
Photo: Leonardo Albuquerque
Having drinks at Colosso, a stunning lake lounge in Fortaleza.
Photo: Leonardo Albuquerque

Shopping at the Central Market, visiting the events center and an afternoon on the beach

The next day we started the day off by visiting the Central Market of Fortaleza. This multi-level market offers local products, leather goods, textiles, jewelry and souvenirs.

Beautiful street art by the entrance of the Fortaleza’s Central Market.
The Central Market of Fortaleza is a multi-level market offering all kinds of goods.
Cachaça on display at the Central Market.

The market is located in the middle of the historical center of Fortaleza. Therefore, we also checked out the famous St. Joseph’s Cathedral and had a mini tour of the city fortress which now also serves as a museum.

European vibes in Fortaleza – St. Joseph’s Cathedral.
Fortaleza of Fortaleza.
(Fortaleza = fortress in Portuguese)

After the market we visited the Ceará Events Center, a multi-purpose indoor arena which is also the second largest convention center in Latin America.

Street art at the Ceará’s Events Center.

The afternoon was free of organized activities. Since we hadn’t had the chance to soak up the sun on one of the famous Brazilian beaches yet we decided to visit Praia do Futuro.

Spending the afternoon at Praia da Futuro in Fortaleza.
Yoga on the beach at Praia da Futuro in Fortaleza.

Liberation of the slaves, Guaramiranga coffee plantation and crab dinner

We started the next day off by visiting the slavery liberation museum in Redençāo with a Douradinho Cachaça factory nearby. This is the first place in Brazil where slavery was abolished, 5 years before the rest of the country did so.
It was really difficult seeing the places where the slaves used to live, learn about the way they were being treated and about the techniques they were being tourtered with. However, I always think these kind of places are the most important places we should visit while traveling. We should always try to acknowledge the history of the place we’re visiting and learn as much as possible from it.

The place where the slavery was first abolished in Brazil.
The drawing of the famous Brazilian slave and the explanation of the torture techiques they used on slaves.
Cachaça – a popular Brazilian distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice.
Cachaça Douradinha

After the sad but interesting history lesson and a cachaça tasting, it was time to have a coffee plantation tour with Café Uchôa in Guaramiranga. During a short hike around the plantation, we had a chance to learn everything about this lovable brown drink. We had a tasting and I can definitely vouch for the reputation of Brazilian coffee as being one of the best coffees in the world. Delicious!

Short hike around the coffee plantation in Guaramiranga.
Photo: Leonardo Albuquerque
Private little concert just for us on the top of the plantation.

In the afternoon we drove back to Fortaleza and prepared for our last official activity together – amazing crab dinner at the Barraca Santa Praia.

Brazilian music at the Baracca Santa Praia.

Last moments in Ceará

As our flight was only in the evening and we had no activities planned on our final day we decided to do one of the best things you can do in Brazil. We jumped into a taxi and drove to a nearby resort where we spent a couple of hours on the beach. I had my last fresh coconut and left an eternal souvenir on the beach, as I lost my beloved Ray Bans. They fell in the water during a little photo shoot. Oh well, I hope they will enjoy beautiful Brazil forever! :)

Last moments in beautiful Brazil.
Literally seconds before I lost my Ray Bans in the ocean. R.I.P. sunnies!

Overall the Ceará press trip was absolutely amazing! I still can’t believe I got to visit Brazil, a country that was on my bucketlist since… literally forever! I am beyond flattered and grateful I have been chosen to discover beautiful Ceará with other amazing content creators. A big thanks to Descubra Ceará and all the organizers who went above and beyond to ensure everyone had an amazing time!

The most amazing group during Ceará Press Trip.
Photo: Leonardo Albuquerque

Have you ever been on a bloggers press trip? If yes, where did you go and how did you like it? Please let me know in the comments, I’m very curious to hear your stories!

This post was written in collaboration with Descubra Ceará.

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  2. Amazing pics and blog. Keep up the good work, explore and post.
    I would love to go on buggy tour and beach zip line.

  3. Well this settles it, Brazil is now officially on my “Must Visit” list. Especially Ceará. Beautiful pics as always 😀

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